I hate workaholic! Top 3 workaholic in pop anime

We know, in our daily life there have one kind of group name workaholic; they cost mostly time to do their work. In anime, these people also certain, even they are crazier than the people in real life. Today, let’s talk about top 7 workaholic in pop anime.

Conan Edogawato
1 Conan

Conan is actually a High school detective, and he was forced to ingest the lethal poison APTX 4869 after his encounter with Gin and Vodka. Due to a rare side effect, the poison shrinks him into a child and he adopts the pseudonym Conan Edogawato hided from those who poisoned him.

When we talked about Conan, maybe someone would image another crazy detective Heiji Hattori. But I think in the level of workaholic, Heiji Hattori.is bit a patch on Conan, Heiji Hattori.often use him leisure to play with Kazuha Toyama. But Ran has tasted fluffier taste, so poor.

Noda Megumi

2 Noda Megumi

She is not a ordinary girl, she break people’s elegance impression to Music college students. She can practice on the piano for several days in a junk heap room without eating and sleeping. Then she will appear in front of you with horrible breath. At the beginning, you may hard to image Noda Megumi is for ambition to a teacher of kindergarten. How could she obsess piano in such crazy level. Afterwards, I have know, her being is not just for her dream, mostly because she love piano so much!

Sagara Sosuke

Sagara Sosuke

Sagara Sosuke referred to as “military OTAKU” by his classmates, but I think this could not describe his crazy level. In his daily life, he usually goes to school with wearing Bulletproof Vest and all kinds of weapon. It’s nothing if Sagara could keep on the rails, but this boy seems did not break away from the warring years, a bit trouble in daily life would tie him in knots. Obsession is just the outward manifestation, Sagara has make fight become the instinct of his body. War is not his love, but in fact, he seems doesn’t have any other choices excepts hold weapon.

Kipi Cosplay Iori Yoshizuki of I’s

Iori Yoshizuki is the heroine of the anime I’S, her aspiration is to be a actor. Iori is the classmate of Ichitaka (the hero of I’S), and she is also a member of Drama Department in their school. As Iori has been taken of the Swimsuit photos for magazine, she have many trouble. Fortunately, Ichitaka always save her. However, Ichitaka has been carrying a torch for Iori for years, he could not professed his love, one activity closed the gap between them, and make them become good friends. How this story continue? Please watch the anime!

Today, we recommend you the Iori cosplay, do you wanna be a fresh character? Or you want to try the pure student style, Iori cosplay is one nice choice indeed. KIPI give us a perfect demonstration! Let’s began our Iori cosplay show!

Iori YoshizukiIori cosplayIori cosplay

2011 whole vampire knight cosplay costumes

You know Vampire Knight, that who is the person that you like best? it is the Yuuki or Zero Kiryu, or  Kaname Kuran, even if Rido Kuran, that you want to cosplaying the person that you like best one or the fit best one for you, if you want to do it, the you can to do the first step for your Vampire Knight cosplay show, that is the Vampire Knight cosplay costume.

Now, there are the all 2011 vampire knight cosplay costumes on the internet, you can choose one or more for your show, I think that the vampire knight night class uniform and vampire knight day class uniform are the better cosplay costume for your show, because those suit fit boys and girls, so they are the better choice to you.

Vampire knight night class uniformVampire knight night class uniform

This is the boy’s vampire knight night class uniform, it comes with a jacket, vest, trousers, tie, shirt. The under one is the girl’s vampire knight night class uniform, it comes with Skirt, Tie, Shirt, Coat, Arm Band. Because of the cosplay costume is made by Yuki, so that it is more a arm band than other vampire knight night class uniform.

Vampire knight day class uniformVampire knight day class uniform

This is the vampire knight day class uniform of yuki, it comes with an overcoat, skirt, shirt, bowknot, shirt and arm band. The vampire knight day class uniform is more a arm band than other one.

This is the boy’s vampire knight day class uniform, it is made base on the Zero Kiryu, so that it has a arm band like vampire knight yuuki cosplay, it comes with a jacket, vest, trousers, tie, shirt, arm band.

The all Vampire knight cosplay costume is high in quality, so you can buy some without worries, you can spend more time with the cosplay plot and make-up.

The box office of K-ON! Movie over 600 millions

K-ON! Movie

The hot Animation K-ON! Movie was started December 3 release in Japan. According to some cinema, the statistics show that K-ON! Movie have over 523,274 people viewed when it have been shown on 137 cinemas for less than 2 weeks. And the box office revenue reached 691 millions JPY. K-ON! really worthy of a new era of animation pyramid, Movie so easily exceeded 600 million at the box office, do the same developments in the release period, the box office might over 10 billion to think of this trend

On the other hand, K-ON! Movie of the two theme song CD single on sale last week, and unfortunately, AKB48, Namie Amuro, and South Korea idol group Super Junior have also released new singles just in last week. Therefore, the two new singles of K-ON! failed to enter the Top 3 of  Oricon, OST Singing” ranked No. 4, while the theme song Unmei ♪ wa ♪ Endless! is ranked No. 5. That is a little regrets it.

Cool Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric cosplay

Fullmetal Alchemist

As far as I know, Fullmetal Alchemist originally is a Japanese manga series. Set in a fictional universe in which alchemy is one of the most advanced scientific techniques known to man, the story follows the brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric? In Fullmetal Alchemist, I like Edward Elric and Fullmetal Alchemist Lust most.

Edward Elric is a hero in my heart. He is the main character in Fullmental Alchemist and is the youngest State Alchemist in the history of the fictional country of Amestris. Bring anime heroes to be life is every anime fans dream, it is cosplay! So Edward Elric cosplay is a cool one! However, I’m a girl, can’t cosplay Edward >_<, you may say it doesn’t matter, crossplay is OK, but I want say I can’t express the strong that only Edward has!

But I can enjoy other cosplayers’ Cool Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric cosplay!

The Live Version Of Doraemon First Exposureed

Japanese classic animation Doraemon finally achieve real-oriented in the latest Toyota advertising. This ad is the biggest surprise is that Satoshi Tsumabuki played Naoe Kanetsugu in Taiga Dorama Tenchijin actually becomes a 30 year-old w Nobita Nobi. But even a middle-aged, Nobita was the same as weak as a child. The Ads began broadcasting in Japan from November 11th.

The Toyota to convey to the public would like to launch dreaming cars, concept, once boldly adopted Doraemon as a corporate image. The first part of ad is a prelude named 30-year-old Nobita Nobi; it is formed of the animation and live-action. In the animation section, they talked about the dream of the future in the open space. Suneo Want to be a rich little man, Giant want to be a singer, Nobita thought for a long time, then said: I want to go for a drive with Shizuka Minamoto. And then the image turns to true man Giant’s part of 20 years late. Giant singing some songs while driving. Giant wearing a suit with a white tie, looks just likes came back from one wedding. Car parked in the open space that often appear in the 20 years ago, and a man rolled down from the back door, which is Nobita, he watched the car away with lonely expressions. Finally, saying by the Ishizaka Koji: Nobita, 30 years old, and single. The first part is over. The music of advertising is Miracle by GReeeeN.

Satoshi Tsumabuki talked about the feeling of act Nobita, I was so happy to act this role, no matter what you think you can call me, let me cut my hair I happily cut. He said when talking about performance: I perform it respects to the original comics, but not too exaggerated. Consider if Nobita really become a man, he will take what action performances very seriously. Comprehensive fighter Naoya Ogawa and said:  In fact, when I studied on elementary school the classmates around me have called me Giant. I was on a large size from childhood; the students say our class has a Giant. Did not think I really can play this role.

In the shooting scene, two actors have been very conversational although they have met for the first time. Satoshi Tsumabuki said: So incredible! Ah, now I see Ogawa Giant as he is the real Giant. Ogawa hear laughing. Staff said that the most impressive thing is their weight gap. Satoshi Tsumabuki is only 55 kg, Ogawa is 115kg which more than double of his. This truth also expresses the relationship of Nobita and Giant in the original comics.

Finally, Satoshi Tsumabuki said: This series stories will be launched. We certainly would like to know how Doraemon would show, oh please look forward of it. That’s mean, this advertising would have sequel. Doraemon, Shizuka Minamoto or Sune, who will appear next? Please notice our future reports.

The News Of Weekly Shonen JUMP

Originally scheduled to be 14 this month, the shelves in Japan comic magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP No. 15 is currently open on the network to read the whole book for free services.

Because the earthquake in East Japan , the relationship between the delivery of books led to the situation in Japan was seriously affected, in addition to delay delivery well beyond even fail to reach the stores sold so far, hence Shueisha decided to provide the network of everything free reading service, the official said the cartoonists to draw the work, hoping that the more people see better. As from this week the sale of No. 16, will also be “according to the situation to determine” whether to provide readers of the same services. No.17 scheduled to be launched in 28, had been expected to be postponed to next week (April 4) shelves.

At present, the public works aim at the network, including the One Piece, Naruto, Gintama, Bakuman, a total of 21 works, interested persons may wish to visit the official website for more information ( service period is open now until April 27).

In addition, because of the above factors, so that bought the magazine has become very difficult period, resulting in a few days ago Network Magazine No. 15 on the auction also soared to 4,000 yen price (originally priced at 240 yen.)

About Naruto


Naruto isn’t a comic and animation any further; it has already become a kind of culture! It influences the generation’s will and conviction, and also continues to guide the ages of the comic and animation! It changed my philosophy of life and value, let a real love to bear firmly in the heart, go brave!

Watching Naruto, what should we see? Is classic analysis, or beautiful hand-drawing? The angle that everybody sees is different; I like to see that each role in Naruto reflects life philosophy and brings us to be moved.

I don’t know when I was falling in love with Naruto, it once to occupy very important position in my heart. There are a lot of things in Naruto which are Well worth seeing, whirling details, the nervous incitement of ninja? All in fact would be not, these are all of no account, Naruto brings us considering and moving a lot ……

Probably someone thinks that Naruto at this time to lose some suspense, leading role Uzumaki Naruto‘s real strength has already outstripped to Hokage Class, “I will definitely become a Hokage and let the persons in the village all approve me.” The wishes of Uzumaki Naruto have already carried out. But I want to thank the author originally, he didn’t use an exciting plot and no longer used exaggerative slogan, didn’t use a various of riddle to draw me on, make me calmly appreciate Naruto, then I have enough mood to consider the things inside.

The pop game The King Of Fighters

The King Of Fighters

KOF, namely the brief name of “The King Of Fighters“, Chinese mainland usually translates to Boxing Emperor, there is another The king of brawl in Hong Kong , Taiwan translates to Brawling king in the sky, general names for KOF.KOF is originally a style of famous brawling game of SNK company products, which has already reorganized into cartoon behind. Then four gathers an animation (use for MI2 publicizing).However, it is noted that the author of KOF series isn’t one. There still has the movie version The King Of Fighters afterwards, a lot of friends like better. But I still like the source version better comparing the cartoon, probably association of thoughts and imagination is stronger than a kind of consciousness by the other people to add.


I like to play game machine during my Primary school, exactly The King Of Fighters at that time spreads widely of years, every day released from school we would not go home until in the game room linger for a long time. In China the kid like this will be seen not to love study and naughty, once being held tight by the mother will also is blamed. In fact my Class comes to say very general now all, real of superior to that condition is necessarily very sublime, can quickly arouse to round a view. I still remember that I played the best is still IORI YAGAMI, because he has better operated, and we also said:” Depending on very much”.

I believe in China, even all over the world, many people like this game, I found that the boxing of having the network version and I seem to become really old recently. The cosplay fan found out new mimicry object. In fact, I still know The King of Fighters and compare to like better, such as Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusangi, Benimaru Nikaido, Teery Bogard etc, all some handsome boys. I feel that I am slowly starting to like cosplay, because cosplay has already become one part of my life, I will also become a cosplay fan.

Costume: Imitate Lady Gaga

Lady gaga costumes

Lady Gaga showed us what the real costumes for 2010 were and she and Halloween costumes are associated with together. Her music is a big hit in the world and so does her costumes. So there must be a lot of people who would like to imitate her.

Playing as Lady Gaga is a great idea to draw people’s attention and without début that can cause an instant crowd. The Lady Gaga costume that people love most is the ones that are sexy and outrageous and of course it’s Gaga’s style. You need to prepare for heavy make-up, wig, shoes or boots if you are going to play as Lady Gaga.

One of the Lady Gaga costumes people love most is this one and there were a lot of people wore this costume to dress up as Lady Gaga.

Another classic Lady Gaga costume! Maybe it can be called White Romance(not Bad Romance).

Lady Gaga is explaining and showing off what are the real costumes all the time. We look forward to the updates. Now wearing Lady Gaga costumes are not women’s exclusive but also men’s. For a man, dressing up as Lady Gaga is a great idea for Halloween or other events like that.